Flexible beverage tubing …

Valpar Micro Matic SuperFlexmaster was one of the first beverage tubes available on the market to offer a combination of flexibility with an extended cleaning cycle.

SuperFlexmaster is a two layer tube with an ultra smooth copolymer inner lining and a flexible EVA outer layer.

This tube is suitable for use on most cold drinks dispense systems, including gas lines.

Normally supplied in natural colour or with a colour tint for easy identification.


  • High flexibility
  • Good kink resistance
  • Ultra smooth inner layer
  • Taint free


  • Easy to install
  • Ideal where tight bend radii are needed
  • Extended cleaning cycles in comparison to EVA, MDP and PVC (Vinyl)
  • Does not impart an off-taste to the beverage



Extra flexible beverage tubing …

The XtraFlexmaster tube is even more flexible than SuperFlexmaster but retains all the features and benefits.

Ideal for use where regular flexing is likely to occur.


Superflexmaster is approved by the German SK Zert Authority for dispensing beer, soft drinks and potable water.