Flexible and durable …

PVC tubing was often the first choice for dispensing beverages due to its durability, flexibility and ease of use.

However, its use is more limited today as alternative tube designs with specific characteristics offering improved performance become more popular.

Valpar Micro Matic offers a range of high quality clear and reinforced (braided) PVC tubes primarily for soft drinks dispense and gas line applications. It is especially suitable for bag-in-box tubing where regular flexing occurs.

Although PVC clear is also used for beer, in particular cask ales, there are limitations as far as taste and cleaning are concerned.

The thicker wall of PVC tubing gives it superior kink resistance over many other types of beverage tubes, allowing it to be used on tighter bend radii with minimal restriction to flow.

Due to its strength and low gas permeability, reinforced PVC tubing is suitable for conveying CO2 and mixed gases to beer kegs.


  • Ultra-flexible
  • High strength
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • Low gas permeation
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Available as a clear tube with or without braided reinforcementBenefits
  • Can be used where tight bend radii are needed
  • High kink resistance
  • Good for transportation of dispense gases
  • High flexibility with low risks of fracture
  • Suitable for barb fitting