Glycol tubing

Safe and durable – Different options …

Today glycol systems are being used more commonly in beverage dispense to achieve lower dispense temperatures and condensating fonts.

Valpar Micro Matic manufacture a range of glycol tubes to meet specific applications, namely;

  • Polyethylene (MDP)
  • Glycomaster
  • EAUV

Valpar Micro Matic Polyethylene (MDP) tubing is suitable for use as coolant fluid inside a python in order to achieve extra-cold dispense temperatures on draft beer. NB: Independent testing has shown that, within a python, no glycol will permeate through the coolant lines into the beverage lines.
For more details on Polyethylene (MDP) tubing, please click here.

Valpar Micro Matic Glycomaster is a multilayer tube specifically designed to work with heat dump systems where the glycol fluid is likely to reach higher temperatures. It is available in one size – 12mm x 15mm.

Features Benefits
  • Durable
  • Can withstand maximum short term peak temperature of 90oC
  • Low risk of failure, even in fault conditions

Valpar Micro Matic EAUV tube is also designed for heat dump applications, but is resistant to UV light and can therefore be used outdoors. However, in order to extent its useful life, exposure to direct sunlight should be kept to a minimum. It is available in one size and colour – 10mm x 15mm Black.

Features Benefits
  • Flexible
  • UV resistant
  • Maximum operating temperature of 50oC
  • Suitable for outdoor use

All Valpar Micro Matic glycol tubing is suitable for use with monopropylene glycol and ethylene glycol mixtures with water at ratios of up to 50% glycol.