Cost effective soft drinks tubing …

Valpar Micro Matic EVA is a monolayer tube ideal for conveying syrups in post-mix dispense systems. It is more flexible than polyethylene (MDP) but has limitations in regards to beer dispense due to a greater risk of an acetic acid off-taste.

Valpar Micro Matic EVA tubing can be supplied containing different levels of Vinyl Acetate (VA) the greater the amount of Vinyl Acetate, the greater the flexibility but the risk of getting an off-taste is also greater.

Standard Grade – 5% VA
Medium Grade – 9% VA
Soft Grade – 19% VA

With Valpar Micro Matic EVA tubing you have the option of natural, tinted or solid colouring. Standard Grade EVA can also be supplied with a range of coloured stripes to enhance line identification (EVA Codemaster) but is subject to minimum order quantities.

  • Manufactured to close tolerances
  • High flexibility
  • Taint free
  • Good inner surface finish


  • More flexible than MDP, allowing tighter bend radii
  • Easily installed product, especially in applications where flexibility is required and space is at a premium
  • Valpar Micro Matic EVA tubing was specifically developed as a flexible cost-effective solution to meet the needs of soft drinks companies worldwide