High Quality – High Performance …

Results of laboratory tests and field trials undertaken by Valpar Micro Matic have demonstrated that the optimum contact surface available for dispense of draft beer, in terms of hygiene and product quality, is nylon. With this knowledge, Valpar Micro Matic has developed Brewmaster 2 – a multilayer nylon lined tube to meet the demand of the world’s leading breweries.


  • Taint free and ultra smooth contact surface
  • Low gas permeation
  • High flexibility compared to solid nylon tubes
  • Highly engineered for consistent quality
  • Superb adhesion between all layers – no delamination


  • Reduced bacterial growth and yeast adhesion – maintaining the taste and quality of your beer for longer
  • Extended cleaning cycle or improved and easier cleaning – this saves money and improves beer quality
  • Maintains carbonation levels of dispensed product
  • Compatible with both barb and push-in fittings


    For Super Cold – Super Hygeine systems …

    Brewmaster Q-Guard is similar in design to Brewmaster 2 but including a specially selected antimicrobial.

    Within the dispense system it controls and reduces the impact of microbial growth on beer and other beverages where the temperature of the beer is maintained below 6oC between keg and tap.


  • Brewmaster 2 and Brewmaster Q-Guard are approved by the German SK Zert Authority for dispensing beer, soft drinks and potable water
  • Brewmaster 2 and Brewmaster Q-Guard are approved by the North American National Sanitary Foundation – Standard NSF51
  • Brewmaster 2 has been approved by WRAS for direct connection to mains water supplies
  • Brewmaster Q-Guard has been independently tested for migration compliance to EU Directives and approved by the BRI