Locks in gas and flavour …

Barriermaster FlavourLock is one of the newest tubing innovations from Valpar Micro Matic.

Developed in response to global soft drinks, wine and brewing industry requirements. Barriermaster FlavourLock, as the name implies, ensures that there is no permeation of gas or strong flavoured beverage from either the inside or outside of the tube.

Excellent enhanced barrier properties coupled with high gas retention makes this an exciting new proposition for dispensing beer, wine and soft drinks.


  • Superb barrier properties
  • Exceptional gas retention
  • Smooth inner layer
  • Low microbial growth
  • Flexible
  • Taint free


  • No permeating of strong flavoured beverages like Root Beer, ensuring no cross-contamination of product lines.  Also suitable for new ranges of flavoured beers, ensuring no contamination of adjacent product lines
    NB: Barriermaster FlavourLock has been scientifically tested over a 16 week period with Root Beer in which no traces of flavour permeation were detected.
  • Exceptional gas barrier and retention properties – protects the quality of beer and wine by preventing oxygen entering the tube. CO2/N2 gas levels within beer and soda lines are retained.
    NB: Barriermaster FlavourLock is at least 80 times better at preventing gas permeation than equivalent size polyethylene (MDP) tube.
  • The unique construction of Barriermaster FlavourLock reduces yeast and bacteria growth, giving extended cleaning cycles with improved beer and wine quality.
  • Barriermaster FlavourLock gives peace of mind for the soft drinks, wine and brewing industries providing specific solution for each.
  • Suitable for use with barb and push-in fittings


Barriermaster FlavourLock is approved by the North American National Sanitary Foundation – Standard NSF51