The Python

Valpar Micro Matic are proud to be manufacturers of the world’s first machine made python in 1982. This pioneering process today plays a vital role in delivering your brands the way you want them, whether that be:


  • Protecting taste
  • Colder temperatures
  • Cleaner
  • More energy efficient
  • And most importantly, within your specification

Whether it is for a small café bar to an open air concert or major entertainment arena, Valpar Micro Matic provide customised, quality, high performance design solutions tailored to you.

What is a Python? Click here to find out more..


With this in mind, Valpar Micro Matic have created a portfolio of innovative python products

Beer Solutions

  • Standard Python
  • Barrier Python
  • Foil Wrapped Python
  • Co-Axial Python
  • Wet Python

Post-Mix Solutions

  • Insulated
  • Non-Insulated