Custom designed for enhanced cooling …


If keeping every customer happy is your main focus, then Valpar Micro Matic has the solution for you!

During peak drinking hours, the quality of draught beer poses few problems, however, it is the casual drink which is very often the problem, with excess foaming and relatively warmer beer.
Ensure your brand is always served at premium quality and more consistent temperature. Valpar Micro Matic  Tap and Tracecooling solutions are custom-designed to ensure you deliver your promise of premium quality with every drink dispensed.

Valpar Micro Matic’s unique ability to bend, shape and weld tubing, has meant that Valpar Micro Matic can tailor-make Tap and Tracecoolers to suit various types of taps and fonts.  This solution not only cools all the way to the tap, but also uses special technology to draw the heat away from the tap.

If you require premium quality for your brand, then please contact Valpar Micro Matic for enhanced cooling right from the python to the point of dispense.