Pioneers of Insulated Python …

The global pioneers of Insulated Python have two options to offer you.  These are available in the industry standard insulations or speciality insulations for higher temperature or humidity conditions.

Taped Python

Once the chosen size of insulation is applied to the tube bundle a decision has to be made on the outer surface applied for protection.  The PVC Taped Python is the traditional choice and offers a good resistance to mechanical damage during installation.

EasyFit / Black Diamond

A ground breaking patented revolution in python design, Valpar Micro Matic’s R&D team developed this super smooth, low friction coating otherwise known as EasyFit/Black Diamond in response to industry needs.  EasyFit reduces installation time, due to the low surface friction and enables more than one python to be installed in one duct/area.

EasyFit also offers a Class O Fire Rating to the UK Building Regulations and has improved energy efficiency.

To discover which coating will fit your requirements best please contact us.